...Blood Rose City is only a memory now...
.it is lost.
.we are lost.

**NEW**The Storm has finally ended...

...and the results are devistating. There is nothing left but ruins and ash. The losses are countless and only few have survived. Your characters. There are no people outside us, we are alone now. Be prepared to move from here to another location.

The chat boxes are not up yet, but here is the new location to take your characters. Go ahead and get settled there, make your membership, AND THE CHATBOXES ARE NOW UP AND RUNNING.


There is a storm quickly approaching the land of Blood Rose. It first impacts The City, and moves its way across the land, covering the whole map of Blood Rose in massive darkness. The storm will last several days. Read the whole thing so you know what to expect as a roleplayer, though none of your characters (unless they can see into the close future) can say what will happen next. Obey the rules.



The storm started as overcast, just dark clouds in the distance. But the clouds soon got a strange red color to them and an acidic smell. Too soon you find that pouring down rain. But this rain is different. It is black rain, pouring down and pooling in the streets.
**It has no effect on pure humans, but to supernaturals it burns them on contact like acid.
**Thunder rolls through the night, but there is not one flash of lightning. Along with the rain is a soft wind, enough to push against you or rustle through your fur, but not a lot of wind.
**The acid rain only affects supernaturals and plants, but some plants are immune.

Lightening Storm Clouds Thunder


As you awake you notice a grave change in hue of the colors. They are then a dark blue, even black in some areas, tainted by the previous black acidic rain. This day there is nothing but the dark, looming clouds. Come night time, clashing lightning and loud, booming thunder. Not a drop of rain. The lightning makes odd noises as it comes in contact with anything else, even other lightning. The noises can be found here
**When the lightning touches earth, it egnites in blue flame, though not hot, it taints the earth, turning it black as it blazes on.
**If humans are struck, they egnite in this flame and have the same effect of the earth, burn black and die. Same with any type of human-hybrid.
**If a chosen supernatural ((someone that was origionally a human and was changed for whatever reason, even geneticly, if they were surposed to be human, but werent, they are a chosen supernatural. This goes for werewolves that were bitten or born from ones that were bitten, vampires that were bitten, any type of hybrid, any shapeshifter that wasnt born a shapeshifter but was mutated somehow, etc)) is hit, a shock of blue goes through their body in a quick second, and sheds them of their powers. They then become human.
**Any pure supernatural ((demon, elven, centaur, shifter, pure werewolf, pure vampire, etc. They were origionally that species. They were born what they were surposed to be born, and there is no crossing in their genetics. In other words, pures)) that is struck is severly weakened and could turn impure, or even die.

**know that this day is a werewolf shifting day**

kiss under the rain by deeyhordee @ Flickr Creative Commons


Nothing but ongoing rain and regular thunder and lightning.
**The rain smells like what you love most, and makes every species of creature very, well, horny. Stray/wild animals, humans, supernaturals, and even the plants seem to bloom and multiply. When the rain takes effect, your eyes turn completely black all the way and it only stops effecting you when you get out of it. 
**Pregnant women seem to have their children, even if its early (though they still have the affects of pre-maturity), its easier to get pregnant, and even infertal males or females can reproduce for this one day.
**People seem to disregard gender, and will technicly screw anyone.
**NO ONE will remember this day after the rain stops.
**Sex Scenes are STILL NOT ALLOUD!
**The effects only take place if the rain is touching you, same with blackouts. If you never touch the rain, you wont black out.


Massive tornatoes kiss the earth on and off, then leave at night time and all is still. But the storm isnt over just yet...
**perfect to get in touch with other servivors, and to collect food and supplies ((at dark)).

**know that this day is a werewolf shifting day**

Purple rain by Ryan McGinnis


A large screen of toxic fumes blow through the land, and into open AND enclosed areas. The only way to avoid it is to be under ground.

**It will cut off your oxegen, and make your throat bleed on the inside, choking you. You will sufficate to death.
**If you get out of it in time, you will be either mute or blind or both.


The sky catches fire, as does everything else, and meteors fall from the burning blaze to attack the earth. This is the final day of the storm.
**meteors are constantly falling, but everything dies down a few hours into night time.
**everything is on fire above the ground
**smoke bellows into the air, making it hard to breathe

**know that this day is a werewolf shifting day**


Everything turns to ice and snow and will never return again.

Through this ordeal, you are alloud to:
-steal supplies from anywhere
-kill others without permission
-take refuge anywhere
-colonize in groups to stay alive
-you can only make ONE character to just have to kill, but the rest have to be your own that you have either rpd before or never would use
-you can ask me for one of my characters to use to kill here PM me with the link to the person you want

Through this ordeal, you HAVE to:
-be realistic
-follow what happens in each day and roleplay realisticly to it, aswell as following the rules of each day
-by the 6th day (so by the end of this storm)
   -if you have 3-9 characters, atleast 1 must die.
   -if you have 10-15 characters, atleast 3 must die.
   -if you have 16-25 characters, atleast 5 must die.
   -if you have 26-35 characters, atleast 7 must die.
   -if you have 36+ characters, atleast 9 must die.
   -the more of your characters that die, the more exciting it will be. This whole storm was sent from the heavens to clear out the population of blood rose, but a few of your characters may live, obviously. But in turn, a few have to die.
-PM me the day a character of yours dies so I know when and how it happens.



Alley ways- there is an abandoned apartment and in the basement there is a ground-door to a bomb shelter. It can fit up to 10 people. It can hold more people. Currently taking shelter here: Elijah, SpringStar, Jazmine, Clover, Kemp, Koi, Zeke. It can hold 3 more people.

josePh's Coffee and Resturaunt- literally inside the building. Meyk and his demon Pirate, Danya, Samuel, Keegan, Ivie, Addie, Yosko, Aubri, Bria, aswell as a female waitress. It can hold 1 more person.


Ocean- the cave is big enough for many, many people and is very spacious. There was an underground area found that cant hold too many people, but can hold enough. Currently taking shelter here: Juli, Julio, Jenny, Rina, Carnatia, Mandy, Sammy, Shawna, Zerousious, Nmous, Vector, Quois, Heatian, Keele, Illustrue, Thomas, Owen, Joseph, Leo, Jagger, Keaton, Sawyer, Apocalypse, Lylac, Foamy.



Drake, male, seemingl 19-20, when outside durin rain and, apon trying to find shelter, got too wet from the rain and died. Was a vampire and a member of Highlighter gang.

Passion, female, 17, decided to go dancing in the acid rain in the forest and ddrug her only friend Bob with her. She died dancing in the rain as she melted away. Was a shifter.

Bob, female, 15, got pulled out with Passion and after she died she ran franticly trying to find shelter. Tripped a few yards infront of shelter and died. Was a shifter.

Corrissa Casasha Rodregues, female, 16, was curious of the rain and went out of the shelter and into it. Was a shifter x human.

Feawt, female, 12, couldn't find a place to hide before the rain came. She was a sprite.

Nuris, female, 15, failed to disconnect from the plants that would die from the rain so she died from the plants deaths. She was a sprite.

Meakoa:, female, 13, had been with Feawt, so they had both been taken out. She was a sprite.

Shanwa, female, 8, she didn't know any better and had been playing out in the street at the time.... She was a sprite.

Ty, male, like 20-21, he killed himself by walking purposely into the acidic rain because he was hurting over the loss of his true love, Ren. He was a demon.

Pluto, male, age unknown, late to shelter. Was a demon dog shifter.

Midnight, female, 14, she died in the acid rain trying to save vixy and kitty. She was a vampire.

Azerial, female, 17, burned in the acid rain saving her pets. She was a vampire.

Zarena, female, 18-20, found out that Drake, the love of her life died and she gave up and stepped into the rain. It left nothing but her engagement ring. She was a shifter.

Tama, female, 2000+, she died when Nick took her out into the rain because she was preventing him from having a life. She was a vampire.

Leigh, female, age unknown, died in the acid rain.

HeartSong, female, age unknown (was young), she was in a deep sleep when acid rain flooded from far off into the ww territory and engulfed her. Her unborn pups died within her. She was a werewolf.

Ivory, Female, 15, drunk and dragged paige outside. She was human.

Paige~ Dead, Female, 15 *dragged by Ivory. Was a human.

Shayne, Female,17, tried to save a kitten. She was a wolf shifter.


Adala Vern Einzbern (aka Feuer), female, 18, was struck by lightning. She was a human.

Joele, female, 15, couldnt handle had killing so much so she sat on a metal rod and waited for lightning to kill her. She was human.

Kiki, female, 16, shot by lightning thinking it was safe again. She was a werewolf-human hybrid.

Rayne, female, 15, burned by lightning running out to kiki. She was a werewolf-human hybrid.

Emily, 17, struck by lightning. She was a human.

Deminia, female, 13,000, died from a lightening strike that made her impure to then become weak and die. She was a vampire.

Shurelia, female, 16, went out on a walk in the storm, unaware the lightning could and would strike and kill her. She was a human.

Unamed (Tmari's pup), male, 2 months, when Tmari was almost struck by lightning, she fell and after the pup flew into the air, he skid across the ground. Aswell as mass bleeding, he was in shock. The main cause of death was heart attack. He was a fox.

Kaylee, female, 16, she was hiding in a tree from a crazed vampire and the tree was struck by lightning. She was human.

Allia, Female, 18, struck by lightning because she was training. She was human.

Leander, Male, 18, killed himself by jumping off the cliff. He was a wolf shifter.


none dead. many happy.


Kieal, female, 14, she was in the storm thinking it was safe to be out though the winds had been too strong in the morning. She was a fox neko.

Wiasous, female, 17, had been stupid enough to try to go to the store in the morning. She was a fox neko.

Yukki, female, 15, lack of oxygen when sucked into tornado. Was a mouse shapeshifter.

Alexa, female, 11, beheaded when hit from flying debris. Was a kitten neko.

Bradley, male, 18, was sucked into a tornado. Was a demon dingo shapeshifter.

Lohgen, male, 17 (should be 23), was impailed by debris, wood steaking him through his cest. He was a human/vampire hybrid.

Summer, Female, 16, was riding her bike and sucked into a tornado. Was a human.


Niflheim, female, indisernable (died at 14), she had expected the storm to be over and she was outside when the toxic fumes had overtaken her and disolved her out of existance. She was a ghost.

Juliassa, female, was 19 for 100 years, toxins in the air just killed her. She was a vampire. 

Jonah Costin Simpson, male, 16 surposed to be 18, suffocated from the toxins. He was a hybrid.


Zeshure, male, 16, he felt that it was worthless. "This is armagedon" So he walked outside to die. Was a Human.

Amy, female, 15, caught fire. Was a vampire.

Scott, male, 17 but surposed to be 23, was coming back from his vacation when he found Blood Rose in ruin. Meeting up with his twin, Jasper, Scott was hit by a ball of fire before they could get to shelter. He was a hybrid.

Shaine, Male, 17, walking and hit by a meteor. He was a wolf shifter.

Alan Male, 19, was walking and hit by a meteor. Was a wolf shifter.

Quotes on the new version of  the "Crushes and Mates" section (7/19/11)

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"holy crap AMAZING" -Highlighter

 "very nice" -Teddy

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 "Epic!" -Ayden

"IT CHANGED!!!!!!!!!! *looks around amazed at all the changes* I LOVE IT!!!! big grin XD " -Mello

"great job on the changes. i would hafta call it an epic win." -Juliana (+others) 

"holy mother fucking It's awesome... awesome.. *huggles Kayla* Thanks, lots big grin it changed so fucking much.. O.o *my mind= BLOWN to shit*" -Carana

"i LOVE what u did with this page its *girly guy voice* FABU~!" -Kidd


So, take it from the Roleplayers and check out how I changed up The Crushes and Mates section! If you have a quote on it, good OR bad, PM me!

Want Characters?

Want a new character but cant think up of one, make a personality, a name, or find a good picture? If you want any of these characters in this folder, tell me through a PM or if I am on RP. here

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Video-Taped Interview With Silver About the Blood Rose Incident and Supernaturals Open To Public

Silver~ *wears very nice suit that covers her pregnant stomach and walks in, she smiles at the reporter and pulls her hair back* hey there Mr. Reporter Guy

Reporter~ Hello, Ms...? *he waited for a last name*

Silver~ *she grins* Just call me Silver, thats what everyone does

Reporter~ Ah, yes. Well, ms. Silver, to start the interview off, my question is this: What is your understanding of the situation at hand with ms. Lylac? I understand you are, actually, the leader of the shape...shifters... is she a part of your group?

Silver~ okay, first off I'd like you to understand that it isnt a group, its a pack. *she leaned forward* As the alpha of our pack, I have command over everyone that is IN the pack as long as they agree with me, and Lylac is a loner who does not live by our laws. Now, I'd also like you to understand that not all loners are... *she pauses, searching for a word* destructive, some of my best friends are loners. But no, Lylac is not part of our pack. And from what I understand is the same as you; Lylac burned the area around the lake. I don't know why she did it, but I do intend to find out.

Reporter~ Yes, so I understand that you are young, ms. Silver, 18 if I am correct. And from our readings most of you creatures, be it shape shifters, vampires, werewolves, demons, etc. are young. Just teenagers, the most of you. How many of you go to school... Have jobs... Contribute to our city in any way other than drink our alcohol and lounge about our city as bums? *he leaned back deep in his chair and crossed his right leg over his left, fitting his fingertips together and resting his chin on his combined thumbs, his touching forefingers resting lightly on his upper lip as he waited for an answer from the shape shifter*

Silver~ Yes, well its quiet hard for alot of us to get jobs. Most of us ARE underaged, and being what we are, puts more stress on us at keeping the secret of who we are. How many employers are going to higher you if they know you can change into a wolf when you sense danger? *she grinned* But you know what? Some of us do manage to get jobs and even careers. *she smiled brightly* One of my friends, Eddy, he has a great military career, and even left for a couple months to serve in Iraq. He's been joining the army for around three hundred years now, and went back a month ago. Although, I admitt that not all of us have great career's like his, though some of us pick up menial labor work to get by. I can't give you an exact percentage on how many work, how many don't work or some such because I just don't know *sighs and leans back* But if were going to be pointing fingers, than you can just take a look at the economy. How many Blood Rose's are out of work because our economy is down the toilet? You can't lump us in a seperate category just because we're different, yes, some of us are lazy, some of us are even drunks but so are some humans. We're just like you when it comes down to it; mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, friends and neighbors and we feel just like you do.

Reporter~ *he didnt move from his position* Hm. Well. *he brighened out and sat up* You seem to be very bright, Silver. So, tell me what its like to be one of you. How your every day lives work, how you all think and act around eachother...

Silver~ *she smiled and laughed* well gee, thats kinda a hard question to answer. I'm just one person who has one viewpoint of what its like to be who I am, so i can't tell you that this is how its like for all of us supernaturals but I'm hoping it'll help you understand about us. For me, being what I am is just that. I am who I am, and this life I live in currently is so full of freedom for me. I worry about my daughter -Byrd -sometimes when I don't know where she is and she reacts like any teen around their mother; like ive somehow ruined her life *she flashed a grin* mostly I joke and play around with the other people, whether were talking about boys -or girls -my absolute lack of cooking skills, or when I notice one of my friends has a a new addition to the family.Usually, I'd be out there begging one of my friends for a practice fight, or swimming in the ocean. My friends and pack have always been like extended family; someone to love, tease and comfort, to get worried about to protect and care about. Being able to shift into a wolf is just so natural to me, I've never thought twice about it; and I'm sure its like that for lots of the supernaturals. We are what we are, most of us have never known another life than this one.

Reporter~ Very interesting, Silver. So your preposing that you creatures feel and act just like us humans do, but with powers.

Silver~ basically, yes but without using the term creatures, you'd probably offend alot of us by saying that *she nodded her head and smiled* I've lived the life of a human before, my mother was a shapeshifter and I lived with her human husband. It wasn't until I was about twelve or thirteen that I figured it all out and to me. I have a little brother named Hunter, he lived with me for a summer and he too is human. I care about him even though by your standards, were basically two seperate species. And since discovering I was a shifter, I havn't felt any different. No lack of sympathy, no wild, emotional rages or murder trips. Turning into a wolf is something natural to me these days, i dont have to concentrate hard on being able to shift. Its just like breathing to us, a supernatural that murders is born the same way as a human who murders but because of sterotypes its seen as quiet common. I once knew this shifter who was a complete pacifist, she wouldn't eve hurt a mouse. She believed hurting other creatures was wrong and that she'd be damned to hell if she did it, I've known other supernaturals who are as loud and callous as young men fresh from home, thinking themselves invincible.

Reporter~ So, is there anything else you would like to add? Maybe something about what happened with the outsider to your pack, lylac?

Silver~ Like I said before, Lylac is a loner and therefore lives by her own rules. Even though I'm an alpha my words dont affect her because shes a loner, shes not part of my pack but Lylac did kill people and if we caught her we'd decide what to do with her, we'll see what she says when we catch her if she hasn't left Blood Rose already. What Lylac did was unforgivable, killing without reason is chaos and madness but at the moment we have no idea why she did it and we dont have her to get the information we all want be it supernatural or human.

Reporter~ *he noded and stood then shook her hand* Thank you for coming in, Silver, that concludes our discussion.

Silver~ *she stands up and smiles also*Thanks, it was awesome meeting you too *shakes his hand*


*Every TV station suddenly turns to the news broadcast, where there is a man with papers in his hands and glasses, the regular news reporter. Radios are also turned to the news station. The man clears his throat then begins to talk* Breaking News, this just in. At the lake, a hot spot for teens and young adults, even pre-teens, a tragety broke out. Not only was there a fight between elegid rival gang members, but also a freak phenominon for the city of Blood Rose. Hundreds have lost their lives and countless civilians have been hospitalized due to the descruction of over 560, yes, over FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY, Blood Roses. The whole patch of Blood Roses growing at the lake where burnt to a crisp, causing the death of hundreds and fatal woundings of others. Trusted recourses tell us that the one behind this tragety and federal chrime is a female under the name 'Lylac'. She is elegidly a shapeshifter, *his eyebrows raised* and is concidered EXTREMIALLY dangerous. Because of the wide damage to the lake done from this criminal, she is wanted. *on the TV's a picture flashed on the screen of Lylacs face, but it was a drawing since they didnt have a real picture of her* Anyone protecting her arrest will be put into custody for housing a criminal. If you see her, call the police and dont interact, again, she is considered VERY DANGEROUS. Because the Blood Roses, trees, and houses that were burnt at the Lake were taken samples of... *on the TV screen, a video pops up. It is light outside and it shows the damage done by the fire as the man keepst alking* it is confirmed that the damage was done all at once. This can only mean that this female has some sort of fire power. Do not engage in any activity with her. *The picture on the TV goes back to his face, the video fading. His tone became less grave and more professional, informative* We have let these pests inhabit and even populate in our city, but the truth has finally came out. Are these creatures -shapeshifters, elves, demons and such- even a worse threat than Vampires and Werewolves? We thought Shapeshifters would protect us from these bloodthirsty and dangerous creatures, but now they are creating HYBRIDS! Children half vampire half shapeshifter, so can we really trust them to protect us humans anymore? This is Skott Brakston reporting from BC News. *the TV screen and radios go back to normal*


  • You can only roleplay here if you make a membership. Thank you.
  • Dont make a character just to have sex and crap, thats disgusting, and it tells allot about who you are as a person and people will not think your awesome for it.
  • Try and stay realistic. If you get a boyfriend will you have sex that night?? No. Stay real.
  • Sex scenes can NOT be roleplayed out unless its rape, so the person getting rape can have a chance to fight back. A good, old fashioned Time Skip would be appropriate for a sex scene between two lovers.



Okay, so Webs is saying that Shapeshifters is basically too popular. So, they are forcing me to make a desision: Either 1) Let the website be deactivated and possibly make a new website and have to go through all the trouble of switching everyone over and basically starting from new
2) Asking for donations from you guys to keep this website up and running. If we run out of donations, the website will be forced to be deactivated, and therefore, shut down.

Personally, I beleive the second choice would be the best being that it would make the website better and we could have more things. The total would round off to around $10 a month, so if everyone could even donate anywhere from $0.50 -- $5.00 every once in a while, it would be much appritiated.


Welcome to the City where secrets are held and lies are whispered, the city of Blood Rose!

This city was named after its unique flower that grows only in the forrests of this area. Each is a white rose, the single rose holding red veigns that puls blood through the flower itself. The rose is soft but warm to the touch, pulsing with life. Everytime a rose is destroyed, a person in this area will randomly die. When injured the roses veigns will break and the pedals will bleed actual blood, as if they were human themselves, the tips of their once lucious pedals fading grey and cracking with death. A bloodrose cannot be hurt unwillfully though, the person destroying it has to mean it, has to want to hurt the rose. The bloodrose cannot be harmed accidentally, and when harmed or destroyed, the rose will go cold and turn compleatly grey. Something about the Blood Rose seems to make the children in the City grow (age) faster until they are in their mid-teens.

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Welcome to Shapeshifters! This pack origionated from the website Shadowpack but Shadowpack needed more room for Shadowpack (SP) , so the creator of SP (thats me, Lluna) decided to make The Balkar its own website! This is also so for the other stray packs along the SP website including Thunderpack, Riverpack, Scarpack, and the Balkar pack.


To visit Shadowpack click the word above that is underlined.


Quotes Streight From The Roleplayers =]

 If you, as a roleplayer, have a quote you want to be put up here, PM Sam. Make the title called QUOTES and in the message put the quote around " " marks and then at the end put your real name and your rolepaly name, then the quote will be posted.

To you, what is Roleplaying? Why do you roleplay?

"Roleplaying to me isnt just a game or a silly thing losers do for fun... I think it is a passion and an escape from reality, a much needed break from the stress of life and from the drama of the real world. I beleive that if anyone had the choice, they would rather live in a life of roleplay... limitless possablilities and stories that go your way to benafit you. I think I may have the privelage of speaking for most all of us when I say; When I was younger I was bullied allot in Grade School... so much that I tried to kill myself twice because of it. It wasnt even that bad, a girl had called me bad names and slaped me once and that drove me to beleive I had to murder myself. In my opinion it sounded good at first but then I realized what I was trying to do. And it really hit me when a close member of my family commited suicide. But I found out that there are more splendors to the world than just getting picked on... for me it included Horseback riding, Drawing and Roleplay. I convinced some of my closes friends to join my first-made roleplay website (Shadowpack) and the 'madness' sort of expanded for me, even though most of my friends that joined ended up leaving. I will always hold my roleplay experiences deer to my heart because they saved me from a life of uneeded and unwanted misery. And ive found that over the years of roleplaying ive been dooing, it seems that my roleplay websites have grown on me like bark groes on a tree... it is something that is hard to resist and hard to forget, even harder to live without. And I wouldnt have it any other way." ~Kayla (Lluna/Kiba)

"i think we all rp because, we all have not so good lives irl...we rp to get a good life, and to be accepted for once! i call this place my sanctuary, because it has saved what remains of my life!" ~ (Carana)


"To me roleplay is an escape from the world, my own personal paradice that I can slip into after a frustrating day at school or a busy day at home. It is my getaway and my own little pocket of drama. It is the one thing on my mind at the top of my mind from day in to day out, and I have made some good friends through my experience as a roleplayer. I am so excited that I can be apart of this little world that it seems, sprouted from my immaginitive dreams." ~Sam (Sam)

" Some people assume roleplaying is stupid and pointless but i see it as my escape from life. Every day i deal with the battles of stress like everybody else, and as we all know somedays is worse than others. I come here to relieve my stress and get away from all the drama of life. I dont know what other stress relievers are but this roleplay is mine." ~ (Shade)


Why did you start Roleplaying?

 "The first Roleplay website I saw was Shadowpack Wolves of the New Moon (we now call it OLD Shadowpack or sometimes just Shadowpack. The new Shadowpack is refered to as SP or Shadowpack) and I got hooked. I had been looking a t pictures of wolves and Kovu's picture had shown up so I clicked it and it brought me to Shadowpack. I had never seen a roleplay website before so I had no clue what it was but I thought it was amazing. I printed out the pictures of the Shadowpackers because I was into art -still am- and wanted to challange myself at something... (note to you that til this day I havent drawn any of them) and it took me, literally, about a month to find out I could join this website and pretend to be a wolf. After I figured out how to roleplay, I found out it was a dead site and the leader Blizzard had been 'killed off' in some epic battle of going mad. So I joined it and I really wanted the name Luna, but there was some (inactive) player that had the name Luna already (I didnt know she was unactive) so I chose the name Lluna. And beleive it or not it took me about two days to figure out I could just add an l after the first one. But I was so excited when I met my first friend Zoe. She was so kind to me. I was always into roleplay after I was voted Alpha by the small pack... and after that and Zoe and I brought back the pack of Shadowpack with some immence effort, but then I got some complaints about the characters not being posted up on the Shadowpack page, so I came up with the idea of making my own website for roleplay. One that I could controll and upload the characters pictures and make a crushes and mates section and continue Llunas legacy. So then I made Shadowpack , the full name being Shadowpack wolves of the new moon... And after it was done I felt real proud of myself... Thats what roleplay makes you feel, proud" ~Kayla (Lluna/Kiba)

"My SOB friend dragged me in! She goes by the name of The Devil and Kayla! I love you girl." ~Sam (Sam)

"Well me and my cousin (whom some of you know as felix if you rolpelay at shadowpack) were looking up pics for wolves and I found shadowpack. I already had experience with roleplay site then so I was joyful to find another and especially about wolves. My first offical charrie was FangRipper. A vicious black he-wolf. I new the site was dead so me and my cousin just roleplayed there for our own amusement. But one day I found out some people were getting on and believe me I was extremly happy. And soon I started making more charries (Alice-shared by my firend-Jasper-shared by my friend's brother) and became hooked. I was so excited when Lluna made a new shadowpack and immediatly joined. But stubborn me only joined her site to play as a wolf and when I found the shapeshifters page I was in a delema between wolves and humans but I stuck with humans. So here I am to this very day." ~Kidd


How has Roleplaying (particularly at SP Shapeshifters, but generally Roleplaying) affected your life in a posative manner?

"Oh wow! Where to begin! Um, I will try to not make this one as long as the last two but in a short way of putting it: It has taken allot of stress off me, and has opened my mind to the posobilities of life. And, odly, after starting to roleplay, my peices of writing and my dreams have been more descriptive and more vivid in a great way. It makes me happy that I started roleplaying." ~Kayla (Lluna/Kiba)


Yoshi, my Japaneese Akita, had to be put down 8/23/10 due to ripping of internal sexual organs. He was neutered but whenever Le Lu came into heat he would always try and mount her, getting stuck and such, so it was no surprise to us when he got stuck 8/22/10 mourning. The only difference was this time his penis wouldnt go back inside for hours. He was licking it allot, wimpering and such, and it took us 5 times of hosing him down to finally get it to go back in, poor Yoshi still in much pain. That was the last time I saw him. Thismourning, 8/23/10 there was no sign of him downstairs so I thought he would be in the backyard. I went back upstairs and got ready for school, awating Katies arival (we take my friend to school in the mournings). I heard my dad voom off in my moms truck -the one we take to school- so I knew something was up. I had seen it coming. We loaded up into my dads Nison Z car, Mom, Katie and I, and in silence. On the way to school my mom told me that Yoshi had to be put down. I didnt want to hear it, beleive it, speak it or see it; but my mom said he had been bloating and foaming at the mouth, unable to move. At that moment I was glad I hadnt seen Yoshi on thismourning. Not even holding back myself, I asked my mom, choking through my own tears and trying to breathe at the same time, "Why". The simple word everyone seems to ask these days when something trgic happens. So, she told me. The Vets thought it had to do with eating habits, of swallowing too much air with food, causing bloating. I for one knew that was bull crap because I feed Yoshi and the others every day... and Yoshi is the most slow and dainty eating dog I have ever seen in my life. If anyone should have issues with eating too fast it would be Le Lu, who scarfs down her food! So my mom told me her theory of how she knew something inside his penis area ripped, and I aggreed. I cried much today but still went to school. I ran the mile 1st period wich got allot of my energy out but... for some reason... durring passing I saw darla and chase waiting for me like they do and I couldnt handle it. I threw myself at darla and weeped. I cried harder than I have in a long time, there in her arms. And though manny scoffed as they passed us by, I didnt care. I finally found my voice and told darla and chase that "Yoshi is dead!" and at that moment I heard darla gasp and she cried too. We cried together. A staff member happened to be walking by when I was explaining what happened, still crying through breaths, and she took me to the counceler. I sayed there for about 20 min then called my mom and spoke to her privately, having a small conversation. Des (my sister Desiree) picked me up and took me home. When I went into the backyard I broke down. I broke down hard. Not only was Yoshi not there, but Le Lu and Penny had the most miserable looks on there face, as if they knew. Why is it that they have to be so smart, dogs??? Why cant they just be happy and have no idea... them being sad only made me feel and cry worse. But I pulled them aside to the side of the house, first Le Lu. I looked into her eyes and she nuzzled me, putting her paw on my shoulder as she does out of habit, and I told her Yoshi wasnt coming back. I hugged her, using her for more of support than anything else, then let her go. Next I called Penny. This part crushed me. Penny slunk up to me and, her rump end low to the ground, looked up at me pathetically, nuzzeling her head into my lap. Never had she looked so depressed in her life. Her and Yoshi werent even close like Le Lu and Yo but Penny looked... distraught. She had known him longer than Lu had... and I felt tiny as a bug. Just as insignificant too. I held Penny and stroked through her fur, rubbing her back and such, and we just sat there together. When we were done I came back inside then out the front just in time to catch something I didnt really want to see. The Animal Controll was taking a lump in a white bag from the back of our truck into their truck. I didnt have to see him to know Yoshi was inside. Why was this happening? Was it our fault for not getting Le Lu fixed, or was it just some freak accident? Either way I will never forgive myself to letting Yoshi die.. Rest In Peace my stud muffin... you were an angel for me, now be an angel for god.

(Pictures of Yoshi were taken a few months before the incodent)

Important Information

~Important Information Documented as of 8/7/10 and after. Important Information before the date has been lost~

[What the Season is, When someone had a baby, When a marrage took place, When a battle was won, etc.]

Season- The Season is Winter . [FOREVER AS OF 8/11/11]

  • Since the storm, everything has iced over so there is nothing but snow (on the 7th day).
  • It is bone-chilling cold all the time.
  • The bodies of water are frozen over.
  • There is cold wind pressing at everything constantly.

8/7/10- We got rid of a horrible, yucky roleplayer!!! YAY US!!! No more rape, profanity or racist comments will be coming from him anymore. 

8/7/10- Shade had her kids today!! Congradulations Shade!

9/8/10- Juliana gave birth to twins!! Congradulations Juliana!

9/9/10- Heinrich has past away, but his nephew Richtofen is going to join

10/26/10- Juliana Rosealinda Rodregus has died. Her spirit will live on inside of her children and friends. she will be dearly missed.

12-12-10- Juliana Rosealinda Rodregus LIVES! she has been randomly brought back to life

4-28-11- Heniz is alloud back on the website <3

6-27-11- Christine had twins, Rowan and Jesse.


♥ 08-4-11 ♥

Some people may notice that I have deleated the Werewolf, Hospital and Vampire page. The bandwith warning came up again so I had to deleate a few pages, or the website would be deactivated since I am not paying for it. God, I hate bandwith! LAST time I let it run and continued and eventually the warning went away, but its back now and more intimidating. So hopefully, delating a few pages will help. I apologise if anyone roleplayed there at all that I didnt know about. Those were the least active places, so they had to go. There are still a lot of places to rp at, so have at it. Besydes, with all the healers around I doubt anyone needs a hospital anymore. And the vampires have a lake to themselves, not to mention Werewolves seem to like to hang at Blood Rose Lake. Plus there is a new forest that everyone knows about. So dont complain, be thankful. I also got rid of the videos because its nothing but noncesnce. I also got rid of the stripper joint and kareoke club cause... no one cares about either lawl. The dance club is still up and raving though! xD
Please dont forget that THE CITY is surposed to be the most active page, NOT CRUSHES AND MATES!!!! If the activity doesnt get much more "active" in the city, I will shut down the crushes and mates page temporarily.



I have created a new species that is now avaliable to the website (with my permission) called "Humans With Demons". Humans With Demons are humans that technically have a spirit animal. The spirit animal, or demon, if killed or injured, kills or injures the human and visa versa, but they can also protect eachother. There is no such thing as a hybrid with these, there are only pures because if one of the partners doesnt have a demon animal, the baby wont. The demons can talk, and can be as big as a horse or as small as a lizzard. To learn more go

here and read.

A new rule has been posted! You are now alloud to have the same name as another rp character! The only thing you have to do before using the name is ask the rp-er that owns the character with the name you want if you can also use the name. If they say yes, you can. If they say no, dont use it. Plain and Simple.

The List has been updated. If I missed anything or if anything needs to be put up, taken down, or moved, please PM me and I will get to it immedietly. Thank you for all of you active rp-ers out there!



The website has been updated, including: The List, Crushes and Mates page. You will find that the Crushes and Mates page has been modified. There is now a forest, the lake has been named Blood Rose Lake and given a new picture, and given a dock. There are now two new lakes: Vampire lake and Dead Waters Lake. The river has been named Blood Rose River, and the ocean has been given a dock and a rp box for the cliff.



The website has been updated. If there is anything you need me to post, let me know. PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE THE LIST PAGE IS ACCURATE, THANK YOU!



I apologise for not being able to get back to any of you after so long of a tim period, I have finally replied to your messages now! Okay please bear with me, I have a lot to report here.

  1. First off,  The Characters page and the Guestbook have been deleated. The rules have been put under FAQ, and will be changed quite largely so check the FAQ daily for the next week to moniter any changes, because there will be a lot of them
  2. Several characters have been Evicted from their house because not enough people live in the house. The houses where people have been evicted from are now up for grabs, so claim away!
  3. Ohkay, so I updated The List slightly, If I am missing anything or did something wrong, PLEASE PM ME so I can get it fixed/up. I am not going to lie, my favorite thing to update on this website it The List. I LOVE MAKING CHANGES! >:} Please, Please, Please, lemmie know if I need anything up there or if I need to tear things down.
  4. No more Sex Scenes are alloud. If you want to rp a Sex Scene, then make your own website and put your house/apartment/gang house/band house, etc on it and send me the link. I will put the link up under your place instead of a rp box.
  5. Several characters have been deleated because they havent been rping since Febuary, January, December, November, October, even September.
  6. Countless characters now are in danger of being deleated because they either havent logged in since March, need to complete their profiles, or have never logged in. If you arent removed from this list (I will cross out the name like this ) by May, your account will be deleated. To get your name removed (Crossed out), sign into the account and send me (Kayla) a PM with the following words "Please cross out my name on the in-danger-of-being-deleated list, thank you" If the name is black, it has been deleated.
    • Adrian
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    • Katherine Rose
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I uploaded all of the Characters in the guestbook up to the Character Justin. Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great Turky-day, gobble gobble gobble! 8)



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You will find we have made major modifications and aditions to the website! Enjoy!!



I uploaded all of the Characters in the guestbook up to the Character Carl. Please message me if I got something wrong on the page The List. Also message me if for some reason your char. didnt be put up or if you signed the guestbook with a new char, etc. Dont be afraid to ask about things!!



I uploaded all of the Characters in the guestbook up to the Character Fumiko. Once again, if you have a new character then dont forget to sign the guestbook with their information! If you have any new crushes or mates, please let me know through a message, thank you! I have deleated some non-active characters. I am also now allowing Anthro/Furries onto the website because I love Anthro style and Furries!!



I have created a new species alloud to roleplay called a body morph. Look it up under the guestbook near the hybrid part.






Ive updated The List and I have put up the characters all the way up to RedRaven. I have also put up Kidds quote for the Home page.



Thank you for being such active roleplayers, it means allot to me! Well just wanted to say that I have uploaded all of your guys's crushes that youve submitted, Ive added a new page called The List for the crushes +mates list. Ive also made a werewolves page and have put up all of the applicants up to the character HeartSong. Ceep on roleplaying my friends and thanks for being so interested in the website!



Another day has come, lol. I have uploaded all the way from the guestbook up to the character Mi. It wasnt allot of work this time, lol. But just a note to you guys, we need more HUMANS lol. Human MALES to be exact. Infact, over all we need more MALE SHAPESHIFTERS, and we need more FEMALE and MALE WEREWOLVES aswell as more FEMALE Vampires. We currently have NO werewolves. I also updated the Guestbook place, so it now has more Information under the rules (in blue ink so its more noticable) so please read that... I also added -under guestbook- a new part to the form called Orientation. For those of you that dont know, that means if they like the same sex or an opposite sex. Gay relationships ARE alloud on this website because I have gay uncles that rock, lol. So if you want to be Gay or Lezbian or even Bisexual, go on ahead.. That is all for today, lol. Happy Roleplaying!



The website has been updated! All Guestbook signitures up to the character Denver have been uploaded! There is now a vampire section, a river under Crushes and Mates section, and the Hospital section under City has been expanded to having a checkup section, ER, Baby section, Vet section and lounge. The Videos section has been updated to the point where ANY MEMBER can now upload videos for ppl to watch! Just nothing innapropriate please, or there will be conciquences. I hope you like the new additions to the website! Thank you and happy Roleplaying. Please take a look at the Home page for an important announcement. Thank you.

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